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Stealthy Moves: Institutions Quietly Accumulate Massive Positions in Alphabet

Updated: 6 days ago


In the dynamic world of finance, behind-the-scenes maneuvers often hold significant influence over future prices and actions. Recently, in the off-exchange, institutions have been quietly accumulating substantial positions in Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company. Join us as we unveil the exact number of excess buyers to sellers amongst the off-exchange volume and touch on the fundamentals of the co.

Google has been a notably undervalued big-cap stock (currently at 132, by approximately 10% using Peter Lynch calculation), especially with its peers' colossal jump in value this year. Despite its cheap status, the stock was sold off after its last earnings report. Google is trading under its discounted cashflow value of $134.93 (with a conservative 9.5% discount rate). While Google's performance is lagging behind many of its peers, the massive disproportionate total volume to the short sellers in the off-exchange for recent months makes me believe Google's performance will NOT disappoint.

Approximately 32.3% of the total volume in the off-exchange was short for the last six months.

When looking at the off-exchange volume and fundamentals of the stock, the not-so-subtle lack of short volume in Alphabet Inc. hints at a calculated bet on the tech giant's growth through these uncertain times. As these institutions continue their stealthy moves, the implications for Alphabet's trajectory remain undoubtedly better than the overall market; that being said, the financial landscape is always poised for potential shifts and surprises.

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